CMSC 20300: Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

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Welcome to Intro to HCI class!
This class has two sections (Prof. Lopes and Prof. Nakagaki). You are required to attend the section you registered for, not the other. The location and times are posted below. You will receive info and access to class materials via email (to your uchicago email as per registrar info).
Published by Prof. Pedro Lopes on Sep 25 2023


An introduction to the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), with an emphasis in understanding, designing and programming user-facing software and hardware systems. This class covers the core concepts of HCI: affordances, mental models, selection techniques (pointing, touch, menus, text entry, widgets, etc), conducting user studies (psychophysics, basic statistics, etc), and the fundamentals of 3D interfaces (optics for VR, AR, etc). We compliment the lectures with weekly programming assignments and two larger projects, in which we build/program/test user-facing interactive systems. This class requires you to program assignments in Python, Javascript, and C Sharp (Unity3D, we provide a tutorial for this one), as such, the pre-requisites need to be observed.

Expected workload

In this class you will: solving weekly assignments (mostly programming in python and javascript) and two projects (programming in C-Sharp via Unity3D and conducting user studies).


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Class location and time

1. Prof. Pedro Lopes' section: Tuesday and Thursdays at 2pm in Rosenwald Hall (RO) 011

2. Prof. Ken Nakagaki' section: Tuesday and Thursdays at 3.30pm in Stuart Hall (STU) 104

Notice: You are required to attend the section that you are registered for, you cannot attend another. This an any other detailed information can be found on the class wiki


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